NLD’s enthusiasm in U Ko Ni case is still not visible

Ko Ni, a prominent member of Myanmar's Muslim minority and legal adviser for Myanmar's ruling National League for Democracy.

Defendant lawyer U Nay La urges authorities to push for more efforts in finding all conspirators to bring justice accordingly on the case of assassinated Lawyer U Ko Ni.Defendant witnesses testified today at Rangoon Northern District court. Lawyer U Nay La also urged authorities to form an investigative committee to handle assassination case of NLD Legal Adviser U Ko Ni.

“I would like to express a request to ruling NLD party to find out the real reason of this assassination case. Is it based on political motivation? Or other conspiracy factors? This is why I would like NLD Government to form an investigative committee to find out the truth. However I don’t see any enthusiasm from ruling NLD party regarding this assassination case yet.”

U Ko Ni was assassinated last 8 month ago and main conspirator cum suspect is still on the loose. U Ko Ni’s daughter Dr. Yin Nwe Khine was at the crime scene on January 29 when a gunman shot U Ko Ni’s head at close range. Dr. Yin Nwe Khine testified as a defendant witness at Rangoon Northern District court today. She said that bringing justice for his late father assassination case is not only important for the bereaved family but also for the enforcing rule of law in the country.

“We would like to know who did this and why. We like to find out the truth behind this case. We cannot bring back our father alive. Our only hope is to find out the truth. Finding out the truth is not only important for our family but also a requirement for not pointing fingers to blame our country’s justice system.”

Lawyer U Nay La is optimistic about the case situation as one of the main suspect who is on the run is still within the country.

“I think the case will be tangible after two to three hearings at court.We still do not know the reason behind this case since main suspect Aung Win Khine has been on the loose. We would like to express our request to authorities concerned to push more effort in arresting Aung Win Khine who is believe to be hiding in the country.”

There are seven witnesses including Dr. Yin Nwe Khine testified before Rangoon Northern District court today.NLD Legal Adviser U Ko Ni was fatally shot at close range outside the Rangoon airport upon his return from an official trip abroad on Jan. 29. Police have since arrested four conspirators—Aung Win Zaw, Aung Win Htun, Zeyar Phyo and the gunman Kyi Linn.

Khin Soe Win contributed to this report which originated on VOA Burmese